HEC Affiliated University Colleges in Sindh

Have a glance below at the HEC Affiliated University Colleges in Sindh for 2013-2014,

Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Orasoft Training Institute
Indus Public College
Abacus Institute of Management and Computer Science.
Pakistan Institute of Professional Sciences.
Institute of Textile Technology and Management.
National Textile Academy of Arts and Management
Beach Wood Institute of Nursing
Chandka Medical College Larkana
College of Nursing JPMC Karachi
Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Sukkur
JPMC Nursing Karachi
KK College of Nursing
Ilmiya Institute of Nursing
Jamshoro College of Nursing
Liaquat National College of Nursing
Life Saving School of Nursing
New Life/KK College of Nursing
Peoples Medical College for Girls, Nawabshah
S.T. Jams School of Nursing
Govt. College of Technology, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science & Technology, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Institute of Science & Technology, Hyderabad
Pakistan Air War College
Government College of Technology
Institute of Electronics Engineering
Institute of Aviation Technology
PCSIR-Pak Swiss Training Centre
KANUPP Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering (KINPOE)
Govt. Habib College of Technology
Govt. College of Technology
Govt. Mehran Degree College Moro
Govt. Girls Degree College Moro
Ghulam Muastafa Oriental Degree College New Jatoi
Govt. Degree College Naushahro Feroze
Govt. Girls Degree College Naushahro Feroze
Govt. Degree College Kandiaro
Govt. Degree College Mehrabpur
Govt. Degree College Thari Mirwah
Govt. Degree College Karoundi
Govt. Girls Degree College Ranipur
Govt. Degree College Ranipur
Govt. Girls Degree Gambat
Govt. Science College Gambat
Govt. Mumtaz College Khairpur
Govt. Superior Science College Khairpur
Govt. College Women Khairpur
Govt. Pakistan Degree College Khp:
Govt. Degree College Pir-jo-Goth
Govt. Girls Degree College Sukkar
Govt. Degree College Sukkur
Govt. Agha Nizamuddin Girls College Sukkur
Govt. Islamia Science College Sukkur
Govt. Islamia Arts & Commerce College Sukkur
Govt. Atta Hussain Shah Degree Rohri
Govt. Degree College Pano Akil
Govt. Degree College Ghotki
Govt. Degree College Mirpur Mathelo
Govt. Girls Degree College Daharki
Govt. C& S Degree College Shikarpur
Govt. Shah Latif Degree College Shikarpur
Govt. Girls Degree College Shikarpur
Govt. Degree College Jacobabad
Govt. Girls Degree College Jacobabad
Govt. Degree College Thul
Govt. Degree College Kandhkot
Govt. Degree College Guddu/ Kashmore
Mehran Arts Degree College Kambar
Shah Latif Oriental Degree College Kambar
Public Arts Degree College Kamabar
Govt. Shah Latif Degree College Kambar
Govt. Degree College Shahdadkot
Govt. Degree College Larkana
Govt. Arts Comm: Degree College Larkana
Sachal Sarmast Oriental Degree College Larkana
Govt. Girls Degree College Larkana
Govt. Degree College Rato dero
Baqa Institute of Information Technology Larkana
Govt. Degree College Naudero
Govt. Degree College Nasirabad
Noor Arts Degree College Nasirabad
Sindh Arts Degree College Warrah
Govt. College of Physical Education Sukkur
Govt. College of Education Sukkur
Sindh College of Education Sukkur
Amrat College of Education Sukkur
Amara College of Education Ghotki
Sindh College of Education Jacobabad
National College of Education Mehrabpur
Govt. Law College Khairpur
Govt. ABD Law College Sukkur
Govt. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Law College Larkana
Haji Moula Bux Law College Shikarpur
Sardar Noor Muhammad Khan Bijarani Law College Kandhkot
Comsit College Sukkur
Mishal College of Education Daharki
Mehran College of Education Ubanuro
Evergreen College of Education Hingroja
Alfalah College of Education Kandhkot
Law College Ghotki
Law College N. Feroz
College of social sciences & information tech Larkana
Govt Boys Degree College Daharki
WAPDA Sc Degree College, Guddu Kashmore
Aisha Bawani College,
Aleemiya Islamic Degree College,
AHB Govt Degree SCI/COM College Orangi Town Ship
AL-HAMD College of Professional Education
Allama I.I. Kazi College of Education
Allama Iqbal College, Star Gate Airport
Allama Iqbal Govt. Girls College,
Al-sehar Degree Girls College G\125, Manzoor Con
Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine
Askari Degree College,
B.A.M.M. PECHS Govt. College for Women
Bahria Foundation College,
Bright Star Degree Girls College
CAMS college of Business & Information Technology
CAMS College of Business & IT,
Central Degree College for Women Nazimabad
City College Musa Colony F B Area
College for Commerce & Economics
College of Accounting & Management Sciences (CAMS) for Girls
College of Banking & Finance,
College of Banking and Finance
College of Management & Sciences,
D.A. Degree College for Girls
Defence Authority College for Girls,
Defence Authority Degree College for Boys Khayabani Rah,
Defense Authority College of Business
Degree Arts/Science/Commerce College
Degree Girls College PIB Colony
Degree Girls College Gulshan e Iqbal
Degreee College for Boys & Girls Stadium Road
DEWA Academy,
Fatima Jinnah Dental College Building
Fatimiya College,
Fazzia Degree College
Govt College for Women Korangi No 4
Govt College for Women Nazimabad Karachi
Govt College for Women Sharhrah e Liaquat
Govt Degree Arts\College Korangi no 6
Govt College of Com. & Economics Dr. Ziauddin Road
Govt. College for men Nazimabad Karachi
Govt. College Gulshan-e-Iqbal
Govt. College of Education
Govt. College of Physical Education
Govt. D.J. Science College
Govt. Degree Boys & Girls College North Karachi
Govt. Degree College for Men
Govt. Degree College for Men,
Govt. Degree College for Women
Govt. Degree College for Women
Govt. Degree College Buffer Zone Karachi
Govt. Degree College Murad Memon Goth Malir
Govt. Degree Girls College
Govt. Degree Girls College
Govt. Degree Girls College new Karachi
Govt. Degree Girls College North Nazimabad
Govt. Degree Girls College Zazma Clifton
Govt. Degree Girls College,
Govt. Degree Girls College,
Govt. Degree Girls Commerce College
Govt. Degree Science College Liquatabad Qasimaba
Govt. Degree Science College Malir
Govt. Degree Science College Lyari
Govt Aisha Bawani College Tufail N.H Shaheed Road
Govt. Degree Science College
Govt. Elementary College
Govt. H.I. Osmania Girls College
Govt. Haji Abdullah Haroon College
Govt. HRH Aga Khan Girls College
Govt. Islamia Arts/Commerce College
Govt. Islamia College for Women
Govt. Islamia Law College.
Govt. Islamia Science College
Govt. Jamia Millia College
Govt. Jamia Millia College of Education
Govt. Jinnah College
Govt. Karachi College for Women
Govt. Khatoon-e-Pakistan College for Women
Govt. Khurshid Girls College
Govt. Liaquat College
Govt. National College
Govt. PECHS Education Foundation Science College
Govt. Premier College
Govt. Quadi-e-Millat College
Govt. Raunaq-e-Islam College for Women
Govt. S.M. Arts & Commerce College
Govt. S.M. Law College
Govt. S.M. Science College
Govt. Sir Syed Girls Colege
Govt. Sirajuddullah College
Govt. Superior Science College
Govt.Degree College for Women
Govt.Science/Commerce College for women
Haji Abdullah Haroon Govt College Lyari
Hashmat Memorial College of Education
Hayat ul Islam Degree Girls College,
HI Usmania Girls Govt College Usmania Colony Nazamabad
HRH Agha Khan Govt Girls College PIB Colony
Ida Rieu Poor Welfare Association
Ideal College for Girls,
Imperial Degree College, Karachi
Institute of Business Education (IBE),
Institute of Business Management International
Institute of Computer Science,
Institute of Metrology and Geophysics,
Institute of Safety
Islamia Arts Commerce Govt College MA Jinnah Road
Islamia Govt. Science College
Islamia College for Women, Gulshan e Zshoor L-are
Jamia Millia Govt College Malir City
Jauhar College of Information Technology & Management Sciences,
Jauhar Degree College, Gulistan e Johar Karachi
Jauhar Degree College,
Jinnah Govt College for Women Nazimabad
Jinnah Medical College
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.
K.M.A. Degree Girls College
Karachi College for Women Chand Bibi Road
Karachi Institute of Management & Technology,
Karachi Institute of Management Sciences (KIMS),
Karachi Medical & Dental College
Khatoon e Pakistan Govt College for WomenStadium
Khurshid Girls College Shah Faisal Colony
Liaquat Ali Khan College of Dentistry, Darul Sehat Hospital,
Liaquat College Kala Board Malir
Liaquat College of Management Sciences,
Liaquat National Medical College,
MA Ayesha Institute of Education and Allied Health Sciences MA Ayesha Memorial Centre
Madar-e-Millat Degree Girls College,
Madar-e-Millat Girls College Steel Town BinQasim
Meharan Degree Girls College C-11 FB Area
Memon Commerce College, Kashmir Hamir Street,
MIDasia Institute of Information & Technology
Modern College,
Modern Degree College, Steel Town Bin Qasim KHI
Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre,
National College off Shaheed e Millat Road
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, (NICVD)
Notre Dame Institute of Education
PAF Air War College Faisal
PAF Degree Science College Shahrae Faisal Karachi
PAF College of Education
Pakistan Institute of Management
Pakistan Insurance Institute
PECHS Education Foundation Science collge
Pakistan Marine Academy
Pakistan Navy Staff College
Pakistan Shipowners Govt. College
Quaid-e-Millat Govt College Liaquatbad KHI
Rana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt. College
Raunaq e Islam College for Women Nawab Mahabat Road
Rehan College of Education
S.M.B. Fatima Jinnah Govt. Girls College,
Saudabad Govt College for Women Malir Saudabad
St. Patrick’s College of Education
Trinity Girls College,
University College
School of Ordinance
Shah Latif Boys College, Steel Town Karachi
Shaheed-e-Millat Govt. College for Women
Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT),
Sir Adamjee Institute of Management Sciences
Sir Syed Govt Girls College Nazimabad Nawab RD
Sirajuddaullah college FB Aria, Karimabad
Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls, Clifton, Karachi
SMA Rizvi Textile Institute
SAAT College of Computer Science
Superior Science / Comm college shah faisal colony
St. Joseph’s College for Women
St. Lawrence Govt. Degree Girls College,
St. Patrick’s College Saddar Karachi
St. Patrick’s College of Education
Trinity Girls College, Fatima Jinnah Road Saddar
University College
Govt. Boys College (Kohsar),Hyderabad
Govt. Noor Shah Bukhari Boys College,Hyderabad
Govt. Boys College,Hyderabad
Govt. Muslim Science Degree College,Hyderabad
College of Modern Science,Hyderabad
College of Accounting and Management Sciences,Hyderabad
Institute of Modern Science & Arts,Hyderabad
Hyderabad Institute of Arts Science & Technology,Hyderabad
Sindh Homeopathic Medical College,Hyderabad
National College of Arts & Management Sciences,Hyderabad
Anees Hassan Centre of Excellence,Hyderabad
Institute of Modern Sciences & Arts Campus-II,Hyderabad
Govt. Sarwary Islamia College,Matiari
Govt. Girls College,Matiari
Govt. Shah Waliullah Oriental & Degree College,Matiari
Govt. Boys Degree College,Matiari
Govt. Boys College,Tando Mohd Khan
Govt. Girls Degree College,Tando Allayar
Govt. S.M. Degree College,
Govt. Islamia College,Badin
Govt. Girls College,Badin
Govt. Girls College,Matli
Govt. Boys Collge,Matli
Army Public School & College,Badin
Govt. Boys College,Thatta
Govt. Girls College,Thatta
Govt. Boys College ,Thatta
Govt. Boys College,Dadu
Govt. Girls College,Dadu
Govt. Pir Illahi Bux Law College,Dadu
Govt. Boys College,Dadu
Govt. Boys College,Dadu
Govt. Boys College,Jamshoro
Govt. Boys College,Jamshoro
Govt. Girls College,Jamshoro
Govt. Boys College,Sanghar
Govt. Girls College,Sanghar
Govt. Boys New Aligarh College,Sanghar
Govt. Girls College,Sanghar
Govt. Degree College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Degree College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Shah Abdul Latif Boys College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Model College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Ibne Rushid Girls College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Boys Degree College,Mirpurkhas
Govt. Girls Degree College,Mirpurkhas
Muhammad Institute of Science & Technology,Mirpurkhas
Muhammad Medical College,Mirpurkhas
Law College ,Mirpurkhas
Nazeer Hussain Institute of Emerging Sciences,Umerkot
Govt. Boys Degree College,Umerkot
Govt. Girls Degree College,Umerkot
Govt. M.D. Oriental & College M. Alim Palli ,Tharparker
Govt. Boys Degree College,Tharparkar
Govt. Girls Degree College,Shaheed Benazirabad,Nawabshah
Govt. Boys Degree College,Shaheed Benazirabad
Govt. Girls Degree College,Shaheed Benazirabad,Nawabshah
Govt. S.S. College,Shaheed Benazirabad
Govt. Boys College,Shaheed Benzirabad
Govt. Girls College,Shaheed Benazirabad
Govt. Boys CollegeShaheed Benazirabad
Govt. Boys College,Shaheed Benzirabad
Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE Sindh)Shaheed Benazirabad
Quaid-e-Azam Law College,Shaheed Benazirabad
Sukkur Institute of Science & Technology,Sukker