PEC 5th Class Past / Model Papers for Lahore

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is the statutory body that conducts district wise examinations for classes 5 and 8 each year in Punjab. PEC was setup in 2005 and in 2006 it conducted 5th class / grade examination for the first time in the province.

PEC Class 5 Past / Model Papers for Lahore 2014 – 2015

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) prepares Class 5 papers and further gets them printed for all the districts of Punjab including Lahore. The districts’ education authorities administer and score the papers. PEC then prepares results for each district. Each year, thousands of students from Lahore take PEC’s Class 5 exams.

To view and download the PEC’s 5th Class Past / Model Papers for Lahore in 2014 / 2015, please go to the link below,