Best Boarding Schools in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

Divisional Public School DPS Rawalpindi

Boarding schools are type of schools that provide its’ students with on-campus residence facility during school year for better learning and grooming. In boarding schools, students live in the supervision of teachers and/or administrators and are permitted only to visit their homes on weekends and holidays. These type of schools are best known for discipline, character development of students and exceptional sports and extra curricular activities.

Islamabad as capital city of Pakistan, is center of educational activities in the country. It has many world class educational institutes including some of most prestigious universities in Pakistan. Islamabad has witnessed the establishment of many top notch schools and universities in last three decades including boarding schools. These educational institutes have significantly contributed in improving the standard of education in Islamabad and surrounding areas.

Rawalpindi, the twin city of Islamabad, is one of the most populated and important cities in Pakistan. Alongside Islamabad, it also has many great schools, colleges and universities.

Below is the list of some of the leading boarding schools in Islamabad / Rawalpindi,

Hill House Boarding School, Islamabad

Hill House Boarding School is a premier boarding school in Islamabad established by Rural, Urban and Overseas Pakistanis Education and Welfare Society (RUOPES). Founded in 1984, the school provides students with a healthy and congenial environment for better learning and personal development. Hill House Boarding School is known for its’ excellent sports and co-curricular activities alongside academics.

Address :: 18 Park Road, F-8/2, Islamabad

Website ::

Divisional Public School, Rawalpindi

Divisional Public School Rawalpindi is a leading boarding school that over the years has a proven track record of producing excellent results in Matric (SSC) and Intermediate (HSSC) in Rawalpindi. Founded in 1990, the school is known for its’ excellent academics and sports activities.

Address :: Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Website ::

Rawal Cadet College, Rawalpindi

Rawal Cadet College is a prestigious boarding school in Rawalpindi with state of the art and purpose built campus and modern education facilities. Established in 2002, the school provides high quality education from Grade 5 to Grade 12 and also have O-Levels program. Rawal Cadet College produces excellent results in SSC and HSSC every year and has a track record of excellence in both academics and sports.

Address :: Quaid Avenue, Gulrez-II, Near GT Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Website ::

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