Best Boarding Schools in Murree

Murree is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in Pakistan which has been a tourist paradise for many decades now. Over the years due to its healthy environment and great weather, many quality schools are established in the city especially boarding schools.

With attention of Government of Punjab and Local City Government, the quality of education in Murree and its surrounding areas have improved significantly over the last decade or so. Private Sector has also played its part in improving the literacy rate and standard of education in the vicinity.

Below is the list of some of the leading boarding schools in Murree,

PAF Public School, Lower Topa, Murree

PAF Public School Lower Topa is one of the leading and oldest boarding schools in Pakistan providing world-class education and training to students from all over the country. Established in 1952, this all-boys boarding school is managed by Pakistan Air Force.

Address :: Murree Hills, Lower Topa, Murree, Punjab
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Lawrence College, Murree

Lawrence College, Murree is a premier boarding school which is rated among the best in Pakistan. Established in 1860, the school is providing world-class academic, sports and co-curricular facilities in a beautiful and state of the art campus.

Address :: Lawrence College Road, Ghora Gali, Murree, Punjab
Website ::

Cadet College, Murree

Cadet College Murree is an elite boarding school providing excellent all-round education in peaceful and healthy environment of Murree. Alongside academic excellence, the school also offers exceptional sports and extra-curricular facilities.

Address :: Kashmir Point, Murree Hills, Murree, Punjab
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Military College, Murree

Military College Murree is a relatively new but well known boarding school that is providing quality education from Class 8 to 12. Established in 2008, the school produces excellent academic results each year.

Address :: Upper Topa, Murree, Punjab
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